#1. Tires


They sell high quality tires of all sizes ranging from SUV to trucks to sort the various needs of car owners. All tires are well treaded to offer perfect grip on the roads for the vehicle to move efficiently. They also sell high quality alloy rims that are of heavy duty to ensure that the vehicles can move even in the rocky and mountainous areas.

#2. Windscreens and other external spare parts


Knowing the appearance of your car is very important and expresses your social class, Keita motors have the best Windscreens that have outstanding quality and in different make that you may need. They have the best grills for all the types of cars and even the brand name of cars can be found.

#3. Break fluids and oils plus Lubricants


Just like blood in the veins of a human being, so is the oil in the cars. Oil is the one that makes the car move without heating and producing a lot of strange sound. The car can move efficiently if the oil is sufficient and have the required density. Keita motors offers break fluids so all types of cars to ensure that their hydraulic system is efficient at all times.

#4. Technology based features


Installation of the GPS navigation system, pedestrian detection system and Bluetooth connectivity can be done by to ensure that your car is always trendy.